A Review on Stability Studies of Pharmaceutical Products

A Review on Stability Studies of Pharmaceutical Products

Saba Sultana, Shahid Mohammed


Stability studies ensuring the maintenance of product quality, safety and efficacy throughout the shelf life are considered a pre-requisite for the acceptance and approval of any pharmaceutical product. These studies are required to be conducted in a planned way following the guidelines issued by ICH, WHO and or other agencies. Importance of various methods followed for stability testing of pharmaceutical products, guidelines issued for stability testing and other aspects related to the stability of pharmaceutical products have been presented in a concise manner in the present review.


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Stability, Types of Stability Studies, Stability Guidelines, Stability Testing

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Sultana, S., Mohammed, S. (2017). A Review on Stability Studies of Pharmaceutical Products. 7(1), International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 7(1), 28-49.

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