Formulation and Characterization of Floating Microspheres of Glipizide

Formulation and Characterization of Floating Microspheres of Glipizide

Shaikh Salman*, Shaikh Mohsin, Shaikh Shaoor, Fakir Heena, Siraj Shaikh


The aim of the current research work is to formulate and characterized the floating microspheres of glipizide. Glipizide administered in a dose of 5-20 mg in once or twice daily. Glipizide rapidly and completely absorbed from GIT but when administered in single unit dosage form it produced the gastric irritation, it creates the need to develop multiparticulate dosage form. The microsphere was prepared using Emulsion solvent evaporation method. The drug to polymer ratio used to prepare the different formulations was 1:2. The polymer content was a mixture of Eudragit S100 and Ethyl Cellulose 22cps in varying concentration. The floating microspheres were then subjected to FTIR, DSC, SEM, particle size, size distribution, % yield, drug content, entrapment efficiency, In-vitro dissolution, release kinetics and stability studies. FTIR confirms that there was no chemical interaction between Glipizide and polymer. The DSC obtained for there was no interaction between the Glipizide and the polymer in the solid state. The %Practical Yield was found to be 68.33-78.66. The particle size of floating microsphere was found to be 483.63 to 511.56. The drug entrapment efficiency of floating microspheres was found to be 81.96 to 39.34. The Glipizide floating microspheres with smooth surface was observed upon SEM. %Buoyancy of microspheres was in the range 60.78% to 76.19% after 12 hrs. In-vitro drug release was found in the range of 92.21% to 72.66% over the 12 hrs. Kinetics and mechanism of drug release from F1 formulation was evaluated on the basis of Higuchi equation, Zero order, First order, Hixoncrowell equation and Peppas model. Correlation coefficient (r2) and slope value for each equation in the range of (r2=0.71-0.998 and n=0.51-39.00) was calculated. After performing the dissolution of F1 batch after 3 months the percentage drug release was found to be 90.73%.


Microspheres, Glipizide, Bioavailability, Gastric irritation

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Shaikh, S., Shaikh, M., Shaikh, Shaoor., Fakir, H., Siraj, S. (2018). Formulation and Characterization of Floating Microspheres of Glipizide. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 7(2); 1-11.

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