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Review on Ethanopharmacological Study of Hibiscus Cannabinus

Received On: 23/02/2014
Accepted On: 27/02/2014


Gautam, B., Anshubala, Arunbala, Pandey, R., Dubey, C. K.

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In India, herbal treatment is very popular since ancient times in this article there is a description of a herbal plant which having some important constituents, which is play an important role to cure many diseases like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cytoprotective activity, anti-ulcer activity and very common stress which is very common in youngsters now these days  to treat this diseases there is lots of medicine is available  in market which is useful but they have side effects and cause serious health problems. In the other way herbal medicines are safe in both sides, that’s why in this particular review article I will emphasis on the naturally occurring products which may be beneficial for some diseases.


Hibiscus cannabinus plant, Hematinic, Anti diabetic, Hyperlipidemic, Cyotoxic, Anti-ulcer, Hepatoprotective, Immunomodulaory activities

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Gautam, B., Anshubala, Arunbala, Pandey, R., Dubey, C. K. (2014). Review on Ethanopharmacological Study of Hibiscus Cannabinus. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 3(1), 442-447.

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