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Design of Sublingual Drug Delivery System: A Review

Received On: 17/06/2014
Accepted On: 27/06/2014


Somnache, S. N., Godbole, A. M., Kurangi, B. K., Jangade, N. M.

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Therapeutic efficacy of a drug is not simply function of its intrinsic pharmacological activity but also depends upon the drug delivery system or route of administration. The most common route of drug administration is oral route in which drug is swallowed and absorbed in systemic circulation through membrane gastrointestinal track. But due to common problem of dysphasia number of population finds difficulty in swallowing the conventional dosage form. In this case it is essential to go for an alternative route of drug administration. Among the various alternative routes available for drug delivery the Oromucosal route of drug delivery is the most preferred one because it offers several advantages such as ease of administration, rich vascularized mucosal linings offering better absorption. Oromucosal route of drug delivery includes sublingual route and buccal route. The sublingual route provides rapid onset of action while buccal route is preferred for sustained drug delivery. The current review highlights the rationales of drug for sublingual drug delivery, various sublingual dosage forms and their evaluation parameters.


Oral Mucosa, Sublingual Route, Rationales of Sublingual Drug Delivery, Evaluation Parameters

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Somnache, S. N., Godbole, A. M., Kurangi, B. K., & Jangade, N. M. (2014). Design of Sublingual Drug Delivery System: A Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 3(2), 752-761.

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