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Magnetic Microspheres as a Targeted Drug Delivery System: A Review

Received On: 22/05/2012
Accepted On: 03/06/2012


Tarun, P., Soni, S., Thakar, B., Pandya, V., Bharadia, P.

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The in-vivo targeting of tumors with magnetic microspheres is currently realized through the application of external non-uniform magnetic fields generated by rare-earth permanent magnets or electromagnets. This technique can be applied to magnetically targeted cancer therapy, magnetic embolization therapy with magnetic particles that contain anticancer agent, such as chemotherapeutic drugs or therapeutic radioisotopes. Drug targeting is one way of local or regional antitumor treatment. Magnetically controlled drug targeting is one of the various possible ways of drug targeting. This technology is based on binding establish anticancer drug with ferrofluids that concentrate the drug in the area of interest (tumor site) by means of magnetic fields. There has been keen interest in the development of a magnetically target drug delivery system. These drug delivery systems aims to deliver the drug at a rate directed by the needs of the body during the period of treatment, and target the activity entity to the site of action. This paper gives an overview of current application of magnetic microspheres (ferrofluid) in conjunction with magnetic fields as they relate to the latest advances in medical application and in particular to anticancer therapy and also discuss about mechanism of magnetic targeted delivery, drug release rate in-vitro, benefits and drawbacks of magnetic targeting.


Magnetic Microspheres, Magnetically drug targeting, Cholangiocarcinoma, Ferromagnetic

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Tarun, P., Soni, S., Thakar, B., Pandya, V., Bharadia, P. (2012). Magnetic Microspheres as a Targeted Drug Delivery System: A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(2), 444-456.

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