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Magnetisable Implants for Targeted Drug Delivery System

Received On: 24/05/2012
Accepted On: 11/06/2012


Shah, J.S., Shah, V.A., Joshi, D.P., Shah, V.H., Upadhyay, U.

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The capability to deliver high effective dosages to specific sites in the human body has become the holy grail of drug delivery research. Drugs with proven effectiveness under in vitro investigation often reach a major roadblock under in vivo testing due to a lack of an effective delivery strategy. The review article focusing on targeted drug delivery by applying high magnetic field gradients within the body to an injected super paramagnetic colloidal fluid carrying a drug, with the aid of modest uniform magnetic field. A new method for locally targeted drug delivery is proposed that employs magnetic implants placed directly in the affected area to attract injected magnetic carriers. Theoretical simulations and experimental results support the assumption that using magnetic implants in combination with externally applied magnetic field will optimize the delivery of magnetic drug to selected sites within a subject.


Drug delivery, Magnetic implant, Local drug delivery, Targeted Drug Delivery System, TDDS

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Shah, J.S., Shah, V.A., Joshi, D.P., Shah, V.H., Upadhyay, U. (2012). Magnetisable Implants for Targeted Drug Delivery System, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(2), 338-345.

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