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Revolutionary Class of Controlled Drug Delivery System – Microchip Technology a Review

Received On: 14/04/2017
Accepted On: 22/04/2017


Sharma, D.

Author's Affiliation


Over the past few years, there is revolution in controlled drug delivery and pulsatile drug delivery system. As this is well known that the conventional drug delivery systems are limited by their inability to drug delivery which consists of systemic toxicity, narrow therapeutic window, complex dosing schedule for long-term treatment etc. Therefore, in a field of drug delivery demands the need for a new class of controlled-release delivery system. The Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based Implantable drug delivery system fulfills these criteria. Recently, a new type of MEMS-based drug delivery systems called microchip has been improved to overcome the problems related to conventional drug delivery. In this article, I have presented a conceptualization of microchip as an advanced drug delivery. Commercial design and component, current application and future prospect of the microchip drug delivery system have also been summarized.


Controlled drug delivery, microelectromechanical system, and microchip

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Sharma, D. (2017). Revolutionary Class of Controlled Drug Delivery System - Microchip Technology a Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 6(2), 19-27

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