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Mucoadhesive Microspheres as a gastroretentive drug delivery system – A Review

Received On: 10/05/2017
Accepted On: 17/05/2017


Kumkum, S., Prashant, B., Vandana, H., Shikha, S., Sanjar, A.

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Gastroretentive drug delivery system is a novel drug delivery systems to prolong gastric retention time thereby targeting the drug to the desired site i.e to the upper gastrointestinal tract for local or systemic action thereby improving bioavailability of the drugs. Due to its bioadhesive characteristics and excellent carrier capacity mucoadhesive microsphere promises several advantages as they get adhered to the mucosal surface, releasing the drug for longer duration of time and increasing the drug concentration gradient to the site of action. Mucoadhesive microspheres is an ideal targeting system with high safety profile  and have been developed for oral, buccal, nasal, ocular, rectal and vaginal for either systemic or local effects. This review article gives the information about mucoadhesion and theories of mucoadhesion. It also contains a number of available methods of preparation of mucoadhesive microspheres as well as recent gastro-retentive approaches till date.


Mucoadhesive Microsphere, GRDDS, Mucoadhesion, Gastroretentive approaches

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Kumkum, S., Prashant, B., Vandana, H., Shikha, S., Sanjar, A. (2017). Mucoadhesive Microspheres as a gastroretentive drug delivery system- A Review. , 6(2), 121-134.

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