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A Novel Hypothesis for Pathophysiology of Asthma in Obesity

Received On: 26/07/2017
Accepted On: 09/08/2017


Arun, K.S., Shrikalp, D.

Author's Affiliation


Both Obesity and asthma have been increased over recent decades. These multifarious characteristics cannot be studied as a whole in some other in vitro models by any alternative methods and therefore animal models are essential to decipher the mechanisms involved in such complex pathological process in order to find better therapeutic agents. Severity of asthma in obesity is due to higher level of leptin. Obesity has been suggested to be only single factor for the development of asthma or it makes existing asthma more severe. It also depends on factors such as age and sex. The complex interrelation between obesity and asthma is an example of the interaction between genes, plasma leptin level and the environment in the pathogenesis of both disorders. Obesity, by means of inflammatory mechanisms or changes in lifestyle, can trigger asthmatic symptoms in susceptible individuals. The combination of diet, serum leptin and adiponectin level may alter the normal pattern of airway muscle tone.


Leptin, Obesity, Asthma, Pro-inflammatory Mediators

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Arun, K.S., Shrikalp, D. (2017). A Novel Hypothesis for Pathophysiology of Asthma in Obesity.International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS)6(3), 12 - 18.

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