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Pharmacoepidemiological Study on Cerebrovascular Accident in Tertiary Care Hospital

Received On: 26/07/2016
Accepted On: 04/08/2016


Prathyusha, G.R., PurnaDivya, V.S., Gouthami, D.G., VenuGopal, C.M., RavindraBabu, S.

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Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States (US) and a leading cause of serious, long-term disability. Incidence of ischemic stroke is higher than hemorrhagic stroke. The aim is to conduct pharmacoepidemiology study on cerebrovascular accident patient by evaluating the use and the effects of drugs, and quantification of adverse drug reactions, drug utilization studies to improve the quality and use of medicines. A prospective observational study was conducted in department of general medicine and ICU at Mallareddy hospital, data was collected from 130 patients and it was proposed to be conducted for 6 months. Among 130 patients 78(60%) are males and 52(40%) are females. Among all age groups major number of CVA patients was seen in 60-69 years (30%). Among them 92% of strokes are Ischemic majorly seen in both males and females and8% strokes are hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke (94.87%) is majorly seen in 60-69 yr age group. Among various risk factors Hypertension (36.43%) is the major risk factor found in males (60%) and females (40%).Antiplatelet drugs (25.75%) are the highest number of drugs given in patients 71.27% in males and 28.72% in females. Highest numbers of drugs are given in 50-59yrs age group and are antiplatelets. As a clinical pharmacist 16 adverse drug reactions and 25 drug interactions are reported. Proper patient counselling is needed to reduce hypertension and to reduce the risk for cerebrovascular accident. Among all antiplatelet drugs are majorly given in males and lipid lowering drugs in females.


Hypertension, Hemorrhage, Diabetes Mellitus, Cerebrovascular Accident, Adverse Drug Reactions

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Prathyusha, G.R., PurnaDivya, V.S., Gouthami, D.G., VenuGopal, C.M., RavindraBabu, S. (2016). Pharmacoepidemiological Study on Cerebrovascular Accident in Tertiary Care Hospital, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 5(3), 91-98.

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