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State of the Art and Clinical Perspective of Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors: A Review

Received On: 24/09/2016
Accepted On: 02/10/2016


Evary, Y.M.

Author's Affiliation


Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder caused by an absolute or relative lack of insulin production, and sensitivity. The total number of people with diabetes for all group of age is is about  171 million in 2000. Tipe 1 DM was projected with weight loss, polyurea, polydipsia, polyphagia, constipation fatigue, cramps, blurred vision and Long lasting type 1 DM patients may susceptible to microvascular complications; and macrovascular disease (coronary artery, heart, and peripheral vascular diseases). In tipe 2 DM, there are a high risk of large vessel atherosclerosis commonly associated with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity. Most patients with type 2 diabetes die from cardiovascular complications and end stage renal disease. In this review, an attempt was made to present a current scenario of the bioactive compounds from plant origin that have been investigated for their alpha glucosidase inhibition. Alpha glucosidase is an enzyme which involved on the carbohydrate metabolism and absorption that influence postprandial blood glucose which was the target in the diabetes treatment. Compounds belonging to various classes of natural products such as flavonoids, steroids, and triterpen are well studied be the most active compound  against the alpha glucosidase enzyme. Eventhough research on the finding of potential alpha glucosidase inhibitor has been done, there is still few compounds which entered the clinical studies and just a few molecule has been marketed after acarbose and miglitol. By HTS based screening, structure-activity relationship investigation on semi-synthetic and synthetic derivatives might also provide a direction for the development of alpha glucosidase leads component in order to treat and/or prevent diabetes.


Alpha Glucosidase, Acarbose, Obesity, Natural Products, Clinical Perspective

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Evary, Y.M. (2016). State of the Art and Clinical Perspective of Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors: A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 5(3), 145-150.

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