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Aeromicrobiological Study of Different Food Outlets

Received On: 16/05/2015
Accepted On: 25/05/2015


Singh, P., Tomar, S., Kamboj, A.

Author's Affiliation


Aeromicrobiology is the study of bioaerosols. An aeromicrobiological study was conducted from three different food outlets. The different sites selected for study of air microflora includes serving table, cooking site, indoor and outdoor area. A site wise analysis has shown the presence of both bacteria and fungi and very commonly identified species at all the localities were Staphylococcus and Bacillus, Aspergillus sp. Penicillium sp. Rhizopus sp. Helminthosporium sp. Alternaria sp. Epidermophyton sp. and Trichophyton sp. Total nine (2 bacteria and 7 fungi) microorganisms either of human or environmental origin were detected. A maximum number of microorganisms were identified in evening hours of food outlets in comparison to morning hours. The exposed plate technique was used for trapping the aeromicroflora. Aspergillus sp. was dominant fungal species followed by Penicillium sp. Rhizopus sp. Helminthosporium sp. in all the localities.


Aeromicroflora, Food outlets, Exposed plate technique, Microorganisms, Bioaerosols

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Singh, P., Tomar, S., Kamboj, A. (2015). Aeromicrobiological Study of Different Food Outlets, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(2), 264-270.

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