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Knoevenagel Condensation by Employing Natural Catalyst- A Green Chemistry Approach

Received On: 13/07/2015
Accepted On: 23/07/2015


Chavan, P., Nagore, P., Mane, K., Bangale, S.

Author's Affiliation


A simple, green method for condensation of substituted aromatic aldehydes with malanonitrile catalyzed  by  extract of henna leaves at room temperature in absence of any chemical reagents. The products were purified by recrystallisation method and were identified along with their by spectroscopic methods: NMR and IR spectroscopy.


Henna Leaves, Natural Catalysis, Aldehyde, Malononitrile

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Chavan, P., Nagore, P., Mane, K. Bangale, S. (2015). Knoevenagel Condensation by Employing Natural Catalyst - A Green Chemistry Approach, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 34-38.

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