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Electronic Laboratory Notebook-A Review

Received On: 29/07/2015
Accepted On: 09/08/2015


Kothekar, R.R., Kadam, V.J., Khanvilkar, V.V., Bagde, A.S.

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Today’s world demands new innovations. This is true even for laboratory environment. Whether R&D laboratory or GLP, paper based laboratory notebooks were the preferred choices for documenting day to day work. But, documentation of data manually in Paper laboratory notebook (PLN) is prone to error and hence they are being replaced by electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). ELN is system to create, retrieve and share fully electronic records in ways that meet all, regulatory, legal, scientific and technical requirements. Only authorized users access the ELN. This review describes various features and application of ELN. ELN are useful means of optimizing work and reducing costs as well as times. These are becoming an increasingly popular tool for research and routine laboratories. Future of ELN will eventually be used by all R&D scientists to record all their research and will become their central application.


Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Paper Laboratory Notebook (PLN)

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Kothekar, R.R., Kadam, V.J., Khanvilkar, V.V., Bagde, A.S. (2015). Electronic Laboratory Notebook - A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 57-65.

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