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Tylophora hirsuta – Atypical Glorious Medicinal Herb of Northern India

Received On: 06/08/2015
Accepted On: 16/08/2015


Biswasroy, P., Pradhan, D., Sharma, P., Makkar, I., Nainawat, A.

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Plant based drugs has been used against various diseases since time immemorial. Footprints of ancient medicine practices shows the importance of natural products obtains from plant sources plays a significant role in health benefits of humankind. During 1990’s large number of herbal plants were explored out and included in modern practice of medicine, but still there are many more unexplored medicinal plants, which required great endeavor in specific to phytochemistry and pharmacological investigation. One of such unexplored plant is Tylophora hirsuta, which is native of Northeast region of Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan. The objective of this current investigation is to study the pharmacognostic and pharmacological activities profile of this plant and searching for a suitable bio active lead molecules from it. This herb traditionally used in treatment of bronchial asthma, inflammation, bronchitis, allergies, rheumatism and dermatitis. Apart from above use, it seems to have great importance in modern medicine practice for treatment of cancers, psoriasis, seborrhea, anaphylactic, leucopenia and as an inhibitor of the Schultz-Dale reaction. So, these findings create a curiosity in the mind of researchers to isolate unique bio-potent active molecules from this botanical.


Tylophora Hirsuta, Phytochemistry, Traditional Medicine and Biological Activities

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Biswasroy, P., Pradhan, D., Sharma, P., Makkar, I., Nainawat, A. (2015). Tylophora hirsuta - Atypical Glorious Medicinal Herb of Northern India, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 79-88.

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