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Formulation, Evaluation and Optimization of Bilayer Floating Tablet of Repaglinide and Glipizide

Received On: 18/08/2012
Accepted On: 05/09/2012


Solanki, P. D.

Author's Affiliation


The aim of the present research was to develop a bilayer floating drug delivery system. That contains two layers immediate release layer and sustain release layer. First immediate release layer quickly releases drugs and attains onset of action, subsequently floating sustained release layer floats over gastric fluid and releases the drug in sustained or controlled manner. In bilayer tablet formulation, the floating sustained release layer was compressed and immediate release layer was added over it, then both layers were compressed. Tablets were characterized using the official methods. Immediate release layer contained Repaglinide, Sodium starch glycolate & Microcrystalline cellulose.  In this study floating sustain release layer tablets were prepared using HPMC K4M alone, Na CMC alone & combination of HPMC K4M & Na CMC. Sodium bicarbonate & Citric acid were used as an effervescent agent. All formulations were prepared by using factorial design (32 & 23). All the above formulations were evaluated for in vitro drug release, buoyancy lag time (BLT), swelling ability, floating behavior. All formulations showed anomalous transport mechanism. This means diffusion as well as swelling controlled had played an essential role in drug release. Finally bilayer floating sustained release tablets was formulated by using optimized immediate release layer and optimized floating sustained release layer & evaluated as earlier. The optimized bilayer tablet formulation was subjected to stability study 40°C±2°C/75%RH±5%RH for 1 month according to ICH guidelines & evaluated. From the study it is concluded that the developed formulation has good appearance with good handling condition, therapeutically efficacious, stable. The developed Bilayer formulation is viable alternative to conventional Repaglinide and Glipizide tablet.


Bilayer floating tablet, buoyancy lag time, Factorial design, HPMC K4M and Na CMC

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Solanki, P. D. (2012). Formulation, Evaluation and Optimization of Bilayer Floating Tablet of Repaglinide and Glipizide, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(3), 123-134.

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