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Novel Approaches of Floating Drug Delivery System: A Review

Received On: 20/10/2012
Accepted On: 02/11/2012


Kumar, N., Niranjan, S. K., Irchhaiya, R., Verma, V., Kumar, V.

Author's Affiliation


Several approaches are currently utilized in the prolongation of the GRT, including floating drug delivery systems (FDDS), swelling and expanding systems, polymeric bioadhesive systems, high-density systems, modified-shape systems and other delayed gastric emptying devices. In this review, current & recent developments of Stomach Specific FDDS are discussed. Drugs with narrow absorption window in the gastrointestinal tract have poor absorption. Therefore, gastroretentive drug delivery systems (GRDDS) have been developed, which prolong the gastric emptying time. Several techniques such as floating drug delivery system, low density systems, raft systems, mucoadhesive systems, high density systems, superporous hydrogels and magnetic systems, have been employed. This review also summarizes the in vitro techniques, in vivo studies to evaluate the performance and application of floating systems, and applications of these systems. The purpose of writing this review on floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) was to compile the recent literature with special focus on the principal mechanism of floatation to achieve gastric retention.


Floating drug delivery systems, gastrointestinal tract, mucoadhesive systems

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Kumar, N., Niranjan, S. K., Irchhaiya, R., Verma, V., Kumar, V. (2012). Novel Approaches of Floating Drug Delivery System: A Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(4), 96-111.

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