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Process Analytical Technology: A Review

Received On: 04/01/2013
Accepted On: 25/01/2013


Kamble, R. A., Vaidya, I. S., Gawai, A. A., Jangam, R. G.

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Process analytical technology (PAT) involves the use of different technologies and tools to build quality into the products. Effective PAT implementation comprise of science-based understanding of the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of all elements of the proposed drug product. The overall PAT venture is promising for delivering an integrated systems approach for quality design, process analysis, understanding and control, continuous improvement, knowledge and risk-based management. The incorporation of early PAT devices, increase process efficiency and safety by acting on data in real time and by eliminating sampling. PAT applications, increase detailed knowledge of processes, leading to increased robustness and greater processing opportunities. Modern developments in analytical technologies provide chemical and analytical insights for all types of chemical reactions and process monitoring such as drying, distillations, crystallizations, hydrogenations, and others.


Process Analytical Technology, ICHQ10, cost control

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Kamble, R. A., Vaidya, I. S., Gawai, A. A., & Jangam, R. G. (2013). Process Analytical Technology: A Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(1), 49-55.

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