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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): A Review

Received On: 19/04/2013
Accepted On: 23/04/2013


Patel, N. K., Sharda, A. M., Patel, R. C., Dixit, P. B., Vyas, H. A.

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Laboratory Information System (LIS) streamlines workflow in the laboratory and eliminates time-consuming paperwork. The business today is getting increasingly pressured to be more productive and efficient with less traditional resources. If we look at a typical production process, for instance, the level of automation and optimization that has permeated into the production floor is quite astounding. Many industries have had a tremendous impact in bringing to the market the automation and optimization solutions to streamline -the production floor. The other ends of the spectrum are the back-office transaction oriented processes like Inventory Management, Materials Management, Financials and so on, Therefore a lab’s ability to process data quickly and its ability to disseminate that information efficiently throughout the plant is vital for the success of the production process. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can help in managing the information flow within the lab and can be the modus operandi of connecting the lab with the rest of the organization. For instance, imagine all the information that is generated in a lab.


Automation, Optimization, Laboratory management

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Patel, N. K., Sharda, A. M., Patel, R. C., Dixit, P. B., Vyas, H. A. (2013). Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): A Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(2), 16-19.

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