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Comparison and Evaluation of Bitter Taste Masked Levocetrizine diHCl Using β-Cyclodextrin and Kyron T-114

Received On: 30/04/2013
Accepted On: 11/05/2013


Kadliya, P. N., Chauhan, K. V., Patel, K. N., Patel, P. A.

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possibility of taste masking of Levocetirizine dihydrochloride (L-CTZ) by means of inclusion complexation and ion exchange resin. Initially an attempt was given to mask the bitter taste of the drug by inclusion complexation with β-Cyclodextrin using kneading method. But from gustatory evaluation, it was found that β-Cyclodextrin was not proven good for effective taste masking. So, another attempt was given to mask bitter taste of Levocetrizine diHCl by Kyron T-114 (weak cation exchange resin). It is a water-insoluble, high molecular weight, cross linked polymer of methacrylic acid. Kyron T-114 is inexpensive and this method is simple, rapid and cost-effective method for taste masking. Ion exchange resin complex was prepared by the batch technique and various parameters viz. resin activation, drug: resin ratio, pH, temperature, swelling time and stirring time were optimized to successfully formulate the tasteless Drug Resin Complex (DRC). Maximum drug loading was obtained when the resin was activated by acid treatment, with 1:3 drug: resin ratio, soaked in water for 90 min. and stirred with the drug for 240 minutes, pH maintained 5.5 and temperature maintained 30C. Complexation was confirmed by FT-IR and DSC study. The drug resin complex was evaluated for taste in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation. The volunteers rated the complexes as tasteless and agreeable. Drug release from DRC in salivary pH was insufficient to impart bitter taste. Complete drug release was observed at gastric 0.1 N HCl (pH 1.2). Formulation of drug resin complex was confirmed by FT-IR and DSC studies.


Taste Masking, Kyron T-114, Levocetrizine dihydrochloride, Inclusion complex, Drug Resin Complex

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Kadliya, P. N., Chauhan. K. V., Patel, K. N. (2013). Patel PA, Comparison and Evaluation of Bitter Taste Masked Levocetrizine diHCl Using β-Cyclodextrin and Kyron T-114. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(2), 114-124.

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