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Effect of Various Disintegrants on the In-Vitro Parameters of Drug from Dosage Form

Received On: 17/12/2013
Accepted On: 24/12/2013


Nanda, P., Kranthi, K. Y.

Author's Affiliation


In this research study the effect of various disintegrants on the disintegration time of Paracetamol tablets has been determined. The disintegration directly related with the hardness of the tablets. The tablets were prepared using lactose as diluent and with different levels of disintegrants like Sodium starch glycolate, cross carmellose sodium, micro crystalline cellulose. The tablets were evaluated for weight variation, hardness, friability, disintegration time (DT) and dissolution study. Some pre-compression characteristics like bulk and tapped densities, compressional index, angle of repose, and hausner’s ratio were also evaluated. The tablets were prepared by using wet granulation method and were evaluated in the similar way. Percentage drug release was estimated by using UV spectrophotometry method. Disintegration time was decreased with increase of superdisintegrants whereas % drug release rate and extent were increased with increase of superdisintegrants. So it can be concluded that the immediate release tablet of Paracetamol can be formulated for emergency treatment of pain and fever. The tablet of Paracetamol can be formulated for emergency treatment of pain and fever. All formulations were evaluated for pre-compression and post-compression parameters. The hardness, friability, dissolution rate and assay of prepared tablets were found to be acceptable according to standard limits of IP official pharmacopeias.


Paracetamol, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Cross Caramellose Sodium, MCC

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Nanda, P., & Kranthi, K. Y. (2013). Effect of Various Disintegrants on the In-Vitro Parameters of Drug from Dosage Form. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(4), 271-276.

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