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Pharmacophobia: Occurrence and Underlying Factors in Our Community

Received On: 29/04/2014
Accepted On: 10/05/2014


Gul, S., Ahmed, H. F., Husain, T., Maboos, M.

Author's Affiliation


Pharmacophobia is the unreasonable fear of taking medications. The present study aims to determine the prevalence of this phobia in local community of Karachi and establish reason for fear and classes of drugs generally avoided. For this purpose, a survey comprising 100 participants was conducted. The participants were classified into pharmacophobic (62%) and non-pharmacophobic (38%) groups. The pharmacophobic group was further categorized according socio-demographic variables such as age, gender and level of education. Retrospective statistical appraisal of the results shows that 92.5% males and 40.32% females were found to be pharmacophobic. Adults were found to be most pharmacophobic (80%), as compared to teenagers (51.42%) and geriatrics (26.67%). It was seen that 81.39% of graduates were pharmacophobic while 75% of intermediates and 20.68% of matriculates displayed the same tendency. Fear of addiction was cited by the majority (54.8%) as being the reason for their fear while 45.1% stated fear of side effects as the cause of their condition. Antibiotics were found to be the class of drug avoided by most pharmacophobic individuals (72.17%). Sedatives and relaxants were particularly avoided by 27.27% and analgesics by 20.81% of the pharmacophobic individuals. The authors recommend drug safety awareness programs for the laypersons to alleviate their pharmacophobia.


Pharmacophobia, Sociodemographic Variables, Antibiotics, Fear of addiction, Fear of side effects

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Gul, S., Ahmed, H. F., Husain, T., & Maboos, M. (2014). Pharmacophobia: Occurrence and Underlying Factors in Our Community. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 3(2), 762-765.

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