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To publish an article in “IJPRS” journal is an advisable to get concreate knowledge in their respective filed area like pharmacy or applied sciences. The work done or executed by the author is a mirror image of his/her talent in pharmacy or applied sciences. To publish with Ethics is always recommended to author for the continuous value of research work done by him.


Ethics areas which need to be consider when publishing:


  • Authorship of the paper: Authorship bounded to those persons who help to create or develop that particular article.
  • Originality and plagiarism: The authors must take oath and said that they have entirely original works. If author has use or add any other author work then that must be appropriately cited or quoted.
  • Data access and retention: Authors may ask to submit all other relevant and supported data to prove their research or review article work.
  • Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication: The author must not submit their manuscript to the number of journals for the shake of fast acceptance.
  • Acknowledgement of sources: Acknowledgment should be given at the last and the above to reference in each manuscript.
  • Disclosure and conflicts of interest: Disclosure and conflicts of interest must be assign to avoid any future legal issues.
  • Fundamental errors in published works: If any fundamental errors found in the publication of any manuscript then its authors duty to inform the publisher to correct or rectify the same as soon as possible.
  • Reporting standards: The reports of any article must be origin and well design and should must follow the international standards.
  • Hazards and human or animal subjects: Hazard report or human or animal evaluation must be accompany by providing all necessary documents like approval from animal ethical committee report etc.
  • Use of patient images or case details: Any case sensitive documents like image, case study report must be used only after the concern approval from the patient.
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