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How can I submit my manuscript to IJPRS?

There are 2 ways to submit your manuscript to IJPRS.

1. you can create your login by clicking on this link http://www.ijprs.com/signup-author.php and then you need to log in. After login, you can submit your manuscript by clicking on “APPLY FOR” button in the main menu.

2. You can send your article to editor@ijprs.com by providing your all details like All author’s names, mail id, postal address (if ask for hard copy certificate), mobile number etc.

Can I submit more than one paper in the same issue?

Yes, you can submit more than one paper in the same current issue.

How much time does IJPRS take in review process?

The editorial board & Reviewer team members are highly committed to the quick and quality review process of the paper, but not with the sacrifice of the right judgment of a paper. The review process usually takes minimum up to 5 to 7 days. Sometime it may take maximum up to 25 to 30 days.

How to transfer Copyrights to IJPRS?

The copyrights Transfer facility is available online and for the same, you need to go inside the author’s login area on http://www.ijprs.com.

Why should I transfer copyrights to IJPRS?

Like many other scientific publishers, the IJPRS requires authors to provide transfer of copyright prior to publication. This permits IJPRS to publish the article and to defend against improper use i.e. publishing in other journals. It also permits IJPRS to mount the article online and to use the article in other forms or media. By the IJPRS transfer agreement, authors retain substantial rights in the work.

What is the frequency of publication of IJPRS?

IJPRS is a quarterly journal. It publishes one issue per three months. The article will be published immediately after the galley proof correction.

When I will get the certificate of publication, if my paper is accepted?

The Hard Copy Paper Publication Certificate will be posted after the issue completed.

How do I get a hard copy of the certificate?

You can send a mail request for the same. The mail id is : editor@ijprs.com.

How can I check status of my paper?

You may check your manuscript status by entering into your login area.

Is there any restriction for number of pages and fee for extra pages?

There is no restriction on the number of pages, figures, and tables.

How does the review process work?

The review of articles is done through a “Single Peer Review Process“. All the articles received by IJPRS are sent to the Review Committee for review process as a single peer review process. The more detail understanding is given on this link: http://www.ijprs.com/Peer-Review-Process.php.

How long my published paper will be Online?


Is there a template available for paper format?

Model manuscript for Research and Review articles are available on the website. Please refer guideline to the website.

How can I join IJPRS as a reviewer?

Please visit http://www.ijprs.com/signup-reviewer.php page for the same and complete the application form and submit it. Editorial board members will review and update you for final approval by mail. After approval, you will get a frequent article for the review process which you need to complete and revert within 3-5 days.

Do company publish other then articles like thesis, conference proceeding etc.?

Yes, We do publish in fact we are in updations of the website with all new features.

I did not find my question on your FAQs list.

Kindly send a mail to editor@ijprs.com.
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