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  1. The history of peer review was started 250 years somewhere around 1731. The Peer Review Process in “IJPRS” is very strict and follows a hard process to control the quality of the publication.
  2. The double-blind Peer review is followed by the “IJPRS” Journal.
  3. The final decision can be taken by editorial board member which may be the conclusion of their own peer review process or it may be a conclusion from the reviewer.
  4. First of all, the researcher has to complete his laboratory base research work and draft the documents.
  5. The drafted documents or articles is usually known as “Manuscript”.
  6. The researcher may draft a manuscript which may come under the classification of the research article, review article, short communication or case studies.
  7. The manuscript must be drafted as per the “IJPRS Author’s Guideline”.
  8. The author needs to submit a Microsoft word file (.doc or.docx) in which the first page contains Title, author’s name, address, correspondence author name, correspondence author address, correspondence author email id, correspondence author mobile number and from the next page it should contain introduction, material & method, result & discussion, acknowledgment & reference. The copyright for the manuscript is already submitted by accepting copyright and T&C.
  9. The reference must be set as per APA format or APA citation style or citation as per APA 6th edition.
  10. The manuscript must be read 2 to 3 times by researcher to check and pick a mistake done by him.
  11. The researcher may take help from his friends to check and pick a mistake in his manuscript drafting.
  12. Finally, the article was submitted to the “IJPRS” for further processing.
  13. The manuscript will be sent to respective &/or selective editorial board members (or reviewer) for scientific double-blind peer review process.
  14. The number of reviewers may vary depending on the type of article and area of research.
  15. The reviewer then completes the review process and send a review report in the prescribed format to the “IJPRS” journal.
  16. The comment of the reviewer was then sent to the corresponding author to edit, delete or manipulate the manuscript as per reviewer guideline.
  17. The edited copy of the manuscript from the corresponding author will again send to the respective reviewer for final correction.
  18. If the reviewer satisfied with the updated manuscript and recommend for acceptance than the manuscript will be accepted or else the whole process will be repeated or Article may be rejected.
  19. The manuscript acceptance or rejection will be notified to the corresponding author by mail as well as by SMS.
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