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Heat Shock Proteins, a short review

Received On: 28/11/2018
Accepted On: 09/12/2018


Maheshi Chhaya

Author's Affiliation

Department of Pharmacology, H.B.T. Medical College & Dr. R.N. Cooper Hospital, Mumbai.


Proteins play an important role in all physiological processes is a known fact. A newer class of proteins, known as heat shock proteins (HSPS), has been recently discovered to be associated with various bodily functions including folding and aggregation of other proteins, transport of proteins and a role in pathogenesis of cancer, as pro-survival or anti-apoptotic properties. In the recent past, a number of drugs have been developed with pro as well as anti hsp activities for the management of a certain diseases. Example being Efungumab which acts against hsp90 and has been approved for the management of invasive candidiasis. Similarly, methylene blue, a dye, is under trials for the treatment of alzheimer’s disease. If proved to be safe and effective, these new classes of drugs may be a turning point in the management of difficult disease.


Apoptosis, Geldanamycin, Efungumab, Apatorsen, Methylene blue

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Maheshi, C. (2018). Heat Shock Proteins, A Short Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 7(4), 40-47.

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