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Iontophoresis: Advance Technique in Transdermal Drug Delivery

Received On: 03/12/2017
Accepted On: 14/12/2017


Gadakh, P.D., Shinde, H.A.

Author's Affiliation


Transdermal drug delivery route has been found the most effective route in administration of high molecular weight drug through the skin using various techniques. Several transdermal approaches have been used and recently there has been a great attention in using the iontophoretic technique for the transdermal drug delivery of medications, both ionic and non-ionic drugs. Iontophoresis facilitates the movement of ions across the membrane under the influence of applied electric potential. This review describes the mechanism of Iontophoresis, factors affecting iontophoresis also provides application for various disorders.


Transdermal drug delivery, Iontophoresis, Chemical enhancer, Electroporation

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Gadakh, P.D., Shinde, H.A. (2017). Iontophoresis: Advance Technique in Transdermal Drug Delivery, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 6(4), 52-58.

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