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Chemical Characterization of Siddha Herbo Mineral Drug Kirubakara Shanmuga Chenduram

Received On: 19/10/2015
Accepted On: 22/10/2015


Malathi, V., Manivasakam, M., Murugesan, M., Mohammed, M. M.

Author's Affiliation


Alchemy plays a predominant role in siddha medicine. Mercury used in siddha medicine are completely converted into inert compounds or ores i.e Bashmas or Chenduram. Since present drug Kirubakara Shanmuga Chenduram (KSC) contains mostly mercurial compounds such as mercury metal-rasam, mercuric chloride-veeram, mercuric subchloride-pooram, red sulphide of mercury-lingam, padanams like arsenic, sulphur. The present study evaluated the physicochemical properties of KSC by sophisticated analytical instruments like FTIR, ICP OES, SEM, XRF. In FTIR analysis C-H stretching and bend, C-O stretching, O-H stretching, C-Br stretching were found as functional groups. In ICP OES the heavy elements like lead, cadmium, arsenic was found in BDL and mercury was found in 0.317 ppm.  In SEM analysis the nano particle size of KSC ranges from 50 to 100nm reveals its better absorption and fast action in the body. The XRF analysis showed the absence of mercurial compounds and presence of oxide forms of Fe, Ca, S. The above analysis proves KSC as the safe drug for long term usage for chronic diseases.


Siddha, Kirubakara Shanmuga Chenduram, FTIR, ICP-OES, SEM, XRF

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Malathi, V., Manivasakam, M., Murugesan, M., & Mohammed, M. M. (2015). Chemical Characterization of Siddha Herbo Mineral Drug Kirubakara Shanmuga Chenduram, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(4), 10-14.

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