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Market Analysis in the Field of Dermatology: A Review

Received On: 15/10/2015
Accepted On: 22/10/2015


Pathak, P. D., Shah, D. B., Maheshwari, D. G.

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The importance of skin has increased in the recent years. High range of population is willing to treat various dermatological diseases due to awareness. An increase in pollution, stress and lack of nutrition, skin disorders are increasing at a rapid pace, especially in India. This leads the companies to shift their focus more on the dermatological segment which may lead them towards good business opportunities. A long term impact in the field of Research &Development will make newer and newer innovations in the field to dermatology. Moreover, due to more consciousness in the skincare segment the market rise has occurred. The urban people are getting more exposed towards dermatologists and have their treatments done with them to assure safety and efficacy and get their desired results. They are being highly satisfied. The rural population is also getting aware about the skin conditions and is referring towards Over the Counter Cosmetic products as they are cost effective. This article focuses on the cosmetic industry mainly focusing on the dermatological market internationally as well as in India, the problems faced to market such products at a global level, leading industries, leading therapeutic segments, successful drugs in derma and issues with the dermatological drugs industry.


Dermatological Market, Market Forecast, Current Trends

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Pathak, P. D., Shah, D. B., & Maheshwari, D. G. (2015). Market Analysis in the Field of Dermatology: A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(4), 15-19.

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