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An Overview on Osmotic Controlled Drug Delivery System

Received On: 05/06/2013
Accepted On: 16/06/2013


Thummar, A., Kalyanwat, R., Tiwari, A., Shrivastav, B., Kyada, C.

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This paper reviews constructed drug delivery systems applying osmotic principles for controlled drug release from the formulation. Osmotic devices which are tablets coated with walls of controlled porosity are the most promising strategy based systems for controlled drug delivery. In contrast to common tablets, these pumps provide constant (zero order) drug release rate. When these systems are exposed to water, low levels of water soluble additive is leached from polymeric material i.e. semipermeable membrane and drug releases in a controlled manner over an extended period of time. The main clinical benefits of oral osmotic drug delivery system are their ability to improve treatment tolerability and patient compliance. These advantages are mainly driven by the capacity to deliver drugs in a sustained manner, independent of the drug chemical properties, of the patient’s physiological factors or following food intake. This review brings out the theoretical concept of drug delivery, history, advantages and disadvantages of the delivery systems, types of oral osmotic drug delivery systems, factors affecting the drug delivery system and marketed products.


Osmosis, osmotic pressure, Osmotic pump, Zero-order release, Oral osmotic systems

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Thummar, A., Kalyanwat, R., Tiwari, A., Shrivastav, B., Kyada, C. (2013). An Overview on Osmotic Controlled Drug Delivery System. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(2), 209-225.

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