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Study of Altered Disintegration Behavior of Immediate Release Pain Medication in Different Beverages

Received On: 19/12/2013
Accepted On: 25/12/2013


Patel, P., Bagada, H., Jani, A.

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Variable drug release from the solid dosage forms has been an important cause of bioavailability problems. The two main processes by which they release drugs are disintegration and dissolution. This study compared the disintegration times and in vitro dissolution behaviour of three immediate-release pain-relief tablets, diclofenac, aceclofenac, tramadol HCl. In different beverages were compared with water beverages like whole milk, low fat milk, coco-cola, tropicana juice, iced coffee, butter milk the test was carried out using USP disintegration test apparatus results showed that the disintegration time was highest in 6% milk then in 3.5% milk, subsequently followed by fruit juices and butter milk .the disintegration was the least in the soft drink. From the above study it can be concluded that there is a variation in the disintegration time of the pain relief tablets in different beverages. The highest variation was found when milk was the beverage. The patients on these medications should be advised against consuming them with beverages slowing their disintegration and in turn affecting their bioavailability.


Bioavailability, Beverages, In vitro disintegration

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Patel, P., Bagada, H., Jani, A. (2013), Study of Altered Disintegration Behavior of Immediate Release Pain Medication in Different Beverages. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(4), 333-338.

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