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A Case Series on Tetanus


Vijay, J.K., Hari, K.T., Kali, C.S., Surendra, N.R., Ranganayakulu, D.

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Tetanus is a neurotoxin-mediated disease characterized by a progressive spastic paralysis of multiple muscle groups. The toxin is transported through the axons and reaches the areas such as the spinal cord or brainstem. Muscle rigidity and spasms are the clinical hallmarks of tetanus and opisthotonus position of the abdomen. Complications of tetanus are broken bones, pulmonary embolism, and even death. According to WHO guidelines the treatment should include immunotherapy, antibiotic treatment, muscle spasm control, respiratory control, adequate fluids, and nutrition. This article explains about the cases which are diagnosed with tetanus with same cause and similar symptomology.


Tetanus, Muscle stiffness, Opisthotonus posture, Tetglob

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Vijay, J. K., Hari, k. T., Kali, c. S., Surendra, N. R., Ranganayakulu, D. (2017). A Case Series on Tetanus. , 6(2), 167 - 170.

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