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A Potential Mechanism of Cytoprotection – A Review


Mehta, S.A.F., Sarawade, R.D.

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Cytotoxicity means a substance or process which results in cell death.  Upon cell death induction cells undergo different cell fates and morphological alterations including apoptosis, autophagic and necrosis.  There are many mechanisms of Cytotoxicity and beneficial effects of Cytotoxicity. Cytoprotection i.e. protecting the cells from harmful agents, physiological stress and pathological stimuli has always been a topic of interest amongst researchers. This review deals with the mechanism of Cytoprotection and its clinical importance.


Cytotoxicity, Cytoprotection, Mechanism, Cell Death

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Mehta, S.A.F., Sarawade, R.D. (2015). A Potential Mechanism of Cytoprotection - A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 182-188.

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