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A Review – Novel Treatment Approach in Ovarian Carcinoma


Fatima, T., Sultana, N., Syeda, K., Ansari, A., Ahmed, O.

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Ovarian cancer is considered to be the fourth most common and life threatening type of cancer in females. Contemporary studies have shown that, ovarian cancer is not a single disease, but, a range of associated cancers having distinctive genetic attribute that may show an impact on response to the therapy. This malignancy and increased rate of deaths in women is due to the complication in prompt identification of the disease. For the management of ovarian cancer, it includes Cytoreductive surgery and also Platinum-based chemotherapy. Various therapies such as antibody therapy, adoptive cell therapy, vaccine strategies, and combinatorial immunotherapy have been proven effective at certain level. Beta blockers are the medications which are used to reduce the mortality and morbidity in heart diseases. There are 100 beta blockers known, but for the clinical use only 30 are known to be convenient. A recent study highlights that the use of non selective beta blockers by the patients with ovarian carcinoma may survive longer than the patients taking other beta blockers or none. It was found that, the women who took any of the beta blockers; the average overall survival has been noted as 47.8 months in contrast to the women who are non-users of beta blockers showing the survival rate of about 42 months. The women who took non-selective beta blockers survived longer when compared to the women who took selective agents of beta -1 adrenergic receptor. The main aspect of the review is to provide awareness for the prolonged survival of the patients with carcinoma of the ovary by the use of specific type of beta blockers.


Ovarian Cancer, Cytoreductive Surgery, Combinatorial Immunotherapy, Non Selective Beta Blockers, Beta -1 Adrenergic Receptor

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Fatima, T., Sultana, N., Syeda, K., Ansari, A. Ahmed, O. (2015). A Review - Novel Treatment Approach in Ovarian Carcinoma, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 231-218.

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