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A Study on Summer Pharmaceutical Industrial Training


Saurbh., Garg, A., Choudhary, R.

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Practical exposure of industrial operation, set up and management is very crucial part in learning and to be skilled for competitive and global demand in pharmaceutical industry. To fulfill these objectives industrial training is mandatory for the award of B. Pharm. Degree. Being a student who wants to mark in industrial field, the best place to gain practical understanding of production is to do summer training in the production department of Pharmaceutical Industry which can be regarded as one of the most dynamic industry in India. The student have proud to work as an internee in pharmaceutical industry and the experience will surely help me in future assignments as a marketing professional. The absolute guidance and concern of higher management of the staff of all departments especially the marketing department facilitated in making my summer Training a wonderful learning experience in all aspects. Summer training is given for six weeks was based on industrial project. Through these projects, the trainee become able to get direct interaction with different chemists along with staff of   Production, Q.A., Q.C. and Logistics, Administration and Human Resources Departments of pharmaceutical industry.


Formal training, Industrial training, Q.C., Q.A., Quality policy of company

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Saurbh, Garg, A., & Choudhary, R. (2016). A Study on Summer Pharmaceutical Industrial Training, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 5(1), 201-207.

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