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Bilayer Tablet via Microsphere: A Review


Gundaraniya, P. V., Kavitha, K., Babariya, N. A., Santosh, K., Rupesh, M.

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The aim of the present work is to develop bilayer tablets containing sustained release microspheres as one layer and immediate release as another layer. The proposed dosage form is intended to decrease the dosing frequency and the combined administration of an anti-diabetic agent. Several pharmaceutical companies are currently developing bi-layer tablets, for a variety of reasons: patent extension, therapeutic, marketing to name a few. To reduce capital investment, quite often existing but modified tablet presses are used to develop and produce such tablets. One such approach is using microspheres as carriers for drugs also known as micro particles. It is the reliable means to deliver the drug to the target site with specificity, if modified, and to maintain the desired concentration at the site of interest. Microspheres received much attention not only for prolonged release, but also for targeting of anti-diabetic drugs. Bilayer tablet via microsphere is new era for the successful development of controlled release formulation along with various features to provide a way of successful drug delivery system. Especially when in addition high production output is required. An attempt has been made in this review article to introduce the society to the current technological developments in bilayer and floating drug delivery system.


Bilayer tablet, Anti diabetic, Microsphere, Floating drug delivery system

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Gundaraniya, P. V., Kavitha, K., Babariya, N. A., Santosh, K., & Rupesh, M. (2013). Bilayer Tablet via Microsphere: A Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(1), 128-137.

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