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Design and Evaluation of Piroxicam Microemulsion


Trivedi, H.J., Thakur, R.S., Ray, S., Patel, K.R.

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The main objective of the present research work was to improve the oral bioavailability of BCS class II drugs which are known to have low solubility but have high permeability. In the present study, Piroxicam has been chosen as a model drug which is having low oral bioavailability and associated with many dose related side effects. If the bioavailability of this drug is increased reduction of the dose and the dose related side effects can be controlled and this would lead to more affordable therapy. An oral microemulsion formulation for enhancing the bioavailability of Piroxicam was developed and evaluated. A microemulsion is one of the novel pharmaceutical interests for drug delivery, and is normally composed of oil, water, surfactants and co-surfactants. Microemulsions were prepared by titrating different ratio of oil to surfactant mixtures (surfactant + co-surfactant) with water and microemulsion zone was recorded in the Pseudo-ternary phase diagram. Stable mocroemulsions were obtained with Sesame oil as oil phase, Tween80 as surfactant, Glycerin as co-surfactant and distilled water as aqueous phase. The ratio of components (oil, surfactant, co-surfactant and water) was found to affect the pH, Conductivity, Clarity, Dilution shock, In vitro release and Intestinal permeability, Zeta potential and Particle Size. The higher permeability achieved with the microemulsion systems compared to the marketed product (Pirox-20) was encouraging. The developed microemulsion system improved the permeability by increasing the lipophillicity due to the oil phase and also by destabilizing the epithelial membrane due to the surfactants, and may be used as a vehicle for enhanced delivery of BCS class II drugs.


Microemulsion, Bioavailability, BCS class II, Piroxicam, surfactant, co-surfactant

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Trivedi, H.J., Thakur, R.S., Ray, S., Patel, K.R. (2012). Design and Evaluation of Piroxicam Microemulsion, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(2), 166-177.

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