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Evolution of Anthropophagic Mosquitoes


Yadav, V.G., Waikhom, S.I.

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Important scientific discoveries are made through close observations of nature around us. Everything in nature is changing regularly. It is adapting itself to new environment which is due to changes in behaviour of each other. The biological species around us provide a wonderful opportunity to learn from their evolution and adaptations. One such species living closely with us since ages is mosquito. Although, research on mosquitoes span into decades and centuries, the continuous metamorphosis of these tiny hunters entice the researchers to comprehend their abilities. In one such pursuit, we tried to test our hypotheses based on first hand experiences. Mosquitoes are unique species which continues to pester human beings while living with them. They have remained a challenge to control and continue to carry many diseases to us. This small study on their behaviour may help other researchers to control their abilities to thwart the control and containing measures in various forms. We carried out the observations under different test scenarios and realized that mosquitoes have evolved a lot. And a lot of similarities in their attack and defence mechanism are similar to fighting practices of modern armies. However, it is felt, that they can also be played psychologically.


Mosquito, Biting Behaviour, Mosquito Psychology, Mosquito Herd

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Yadav, V.G., Waikhom, S.I. (2016). Evolution of Anthropophagic Mosquitoes, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 5(2), 162.166.

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