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Mouth Dissolving Film: A Review


Patel, K., Soni, S., Patel, R., Pandya, V., Bharadia, P.

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Mouth Dissolvable films (MDFs) evolved over the past few years from the confection and oral care markets in the form of breath strips and became a novel and widely accepted form by consumers. MDF which disintegrate or dissolve within 1min when placed in the mouth without drinking water or chewing. Also, used for the taste masking of widely bitter tasted drugs which are most important for the paediatric patients. These drug delivery systems allow the medication to bypass the first pass metabolism thereby making the medication more bio available. Formulation of oral films involves the application of both aesthetic and performance characteristics such as plasticized hydrocolloids, active pharmaceutical ingredient, taste masking agent being laminated by solvent casting or hot melt extrusion. Solvent casting being the most preferred offers great uniformity of thickness and films have fine gloss and better physical properties. Oral strips are evaluated for various attributes such as thickness, Surface pH, folding endurance, disintegration and dissolution study. This review describes about the formulation methodology, evaluation parameter.


Mouth Dissolving Film, Solvent Casting, Semisolid Casting, Bitter Taste Masking

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Patel, K., Soni, S., Patel, R., Pandya, V., & Bharadia, P. (2012). Mouth Dissolving Film: A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(3), 154-163.

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