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Niosomes in Targeted Drug Delivery – A Review


Gadhiya, P., Shukla, S., Modi, D., Bharadia, P.

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Over the past several years, treatment of infectious diseases and immunization has undergone a paradigm shift. Stemming from the nanobiotechnology research, not only a large number of disease-specific biologicals have been developed, but also enormous efforts have been made to effectively deliver these biologicals. Non-ionic surfactant vesicles (or niosomes) are now widely studied as alternates to liposomes. Different novel approaches used for delivering these drugs include liposomes, Microspheres, nanotechnology, micro emulsions, antibody-loaded drug delivery, magnetic Microcapsules, implantable pumps and niosomes. Niosomes and liposomes are equiactive In drug delivery potential and both increase drug efficacy as compared with that of free Drug. Niosomes are preferred over liposomes because the former exhibit high chemical Stability and economy. Niosomes are self assembled vesicles composed primarily of synthetic surfactants and cholesterol. They are analogous in structure to the more widely studied liposomes formed from biologically derived phospholipids. Niosomes represent an emerging class of novel vesicular systems. Niosome formation requires the presence of a particular class of amphiphile and aqueous solvent. In recent years a comprehensive research carried over niosome as a drug carrier. Various drugs are enlisted and tried in niosome surfactant vesicles. Niosome appears to be a Well preferred drug delivery system over liposome as niosome being stable and economic. Also niosomes have great drug delivery potential for targeted delivery of anti-cancer, Anti-infective agents. Drug delivery potential of niosome can enhance by using novel Concepts like proniosomes, discomes and aspasome. Niosomes also serve better aid in diagnostic imaging and as a vaccine adjuvant


Niosomes, Liposomes, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Nanocarriers, Encapsulation, Proniosomes

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Gadhiya, P., Shukla, S., Modi, D., Bharadia, P. (2012). Niosomes in Targeted Drug Delivery - A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 1(2), 59-72.

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