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Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Drugs: A New Perspective


Dubey, S. K., Anand, A., Gupta, A.

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There is popular misconception that natural means safe and remedies of natural origin are harmless and are devoid of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). “Charka Samheta”, classical book of Ayurveda describes adverse drug reaction (ADRs) when herbal medicines are used or prepared inappropriately. As per WHO guidelines, most of the ADRs linked with herbs and herbal products are because of poor product quality or improper usage. There may be adulteration with toxic metals, potent drugs and agro chemicals etc. Besides there may be presence of pathogenic micro-organisms if appropriate measures are not taken in herbal drug products. WHO further declares that there are inadequate regulatory measures, weak quality control and largely uncontrolled distribution channel for herbal products. National surveillance system to monitor and evaluate ADRs with herbal medicines is rare. Since there is continuous increase in usage and demand for herbal product, it is required to strengthen the national regulation, registration, quality assurance and control of herbal medicines. One should never forget these words of Charka “even a strong poison can become an excellent medicine if administered properly and on the other hand even the more useful drug can act like a poison if handled carelessly”. This paper deals with regulatory aspects and quality control measures to be followed for herbal drug products.


Adverse Drug Reaction, Herbs, Surveillance, Regulation, Quality Assurance, Adulteration

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Dubey, S. K., Anand, A., & Gupta, A. (2014). Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Drugs: A New Perspective. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars, 3(1), 221-226.

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