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Preparation and In-Vitro Study of Telmisartan Microspheres


Singh, G.I., Bhalla, V.

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The aim of present work was preparation and in vitro study of telmisartan microspheres. Drug identification and drug interaction study was determined by FTIR spectroscopy. Microspheres prepared by emulsion solvent diffusion and evaporation method using different polymers ratio of  HPMCK , ethyl cellulose and prepared different batch F1 to F6 which show different drug release profile in upper GI tract and provide prolong gastric retention for about 10hr. Microspheres enhance absorption and improve bioavailability and thereby patient compliance. This system decrease GIT toxic effect and drug frequency. Different evaluation parameters performed for prepared microspheres drug delivery system like particle size, bulk density, tapped density, angle of repose, compressibility index, flow rate, % entrapment efficiency, % yield, % buoyancy and drug release profile using different method. Formulation F4 show excellent drug release profile for about 8 hr. when use different polymer ratio cause fluctuation in % buoyancy and % entrapment efficiency.


Telmisartan, Microspheres, Solvent Diffusion and Evaporation, Buoyancy, Bioavailability

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Singh, G.I., Bhalla, V. (2015). Preparation and In-Vitro Study of Telmisartan Microspheres, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 228-234.

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