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Prescription Pattern of Drugs in Osteoarthritis


Poornima, B., Basavaraj, B., Kalamdani, A.R., Yashaswini, B.

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Osteoarthritis, a chronic joint disease is a progressive disorder characterized by destruction of articular cartilage and subchondral bone associated with synovial changes, primarily affecting the knee and hip. Progression of the disease influences quality of life. The treatment aims to reduce the symptoms and improve functionality of the individual. To analyze the prescribing pattern and frequency of the use of drugs in the treatment of primary Osteoarthritis and to provide feedback to prescribing clinicians. Prospective, observational study was conducted for 6 months including 200 patient’s prescription in Department of Orthopedics OPD at Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital. Out of 200 prescriptions, females (63%) were more commonly affected with mean age being 56.2 years. Knee Joint (72%) was most commonly affected, followed by hip joint, spine and other joints. Etoricoxib (43%) a Selective Cox 2 Inhibitors was commonly prescribed followed by Non Selective NSAIDS  being Aceclofenac (35%), Diclofenac (10%), Nimusulide (6%), Piroxicam (4%) and Tramadol (2%). 28% received Paracetamol in combination. Rabeprazole (46.4%) was preferred gastroprotective agent. Diacerin and Glucosamine sulphate (42%) [SYSADOA - symptomatic slow acting drugs for OA] were used as Adjunct Therapy along with topical analgesics, Calcium and vitaminD3 Supplements. Non-drug therapy included exercise and physiotherapy. Our study showed Osteoarthritis knee being most common among female patients and Etoricoxib as the most preferred drug used. Paracetamol and SYSADOA are being under prescribed. National Drug Policy is needed to rationalize the drug use and bring awareness among the Prescribing Doctors.


Prescribing Pattern, Osteoarthritis, NSAIDS, SYSADOA, Etoricoxib

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Poornima, B., Basavaraj, B., Kalamdani, A.R., Yashaswini, B. (2015). Prescription Pattern of Drugs in Osteoarthritis, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(3), 27-33.

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