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Proniosomes : A Novel Provesicular Drug Delivery System


Sharma, B.S., Bhogale, V., Adepu, A.R., Patil, T.S., Sangha, S.K.

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Novel drug delivery system is a novel approach to drug delivery that addresses the limitations of traditional drug delivery systems and are able to deliver drug at the site of action and at predetermined rate which increases therapeutic efficacy, minimize adverse or side effects and increases bioavailability of the drug. Drug delivery system using colloidal particulate carriers such as liposomes and niosomes have distinct advantages over conventional dosage forms. However, remain a significant problems like instability in general application of liposomes and niosomes for drug delivery. Provesicular concept has evolved to resolve the stability issues pertaining to conventional vesicular system. Proniosome is an emerging trend in provesicular drug delivery system. These proniosomes minimize problems of niosomes physical stability such as aggregation, fusion, leaking and provide additional convenience in transportation, distribution, storage and dosing. Proniosomes are dry formulation of water-soluble carrier particles that are coated with surfactant and can be measured out as needed and dehydrated to form niosomal dispersion immediately before use on brief agitation in hot aqueous media within minutes. The focus of this review is to bring out different aspects related to proniosomes preparation, characterization, entrapment efficiency, in vitro drug release, applications and merits.


Vesicular Drug Deliver, Niosomes, Proniosomes, Surfactant, Niosomes

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Sharma, B.S., Bhogale, V., Adepu, A.R., Patil, T.S., Sangha, S.K. (2015). Proniosomes : A Novel Provesicular Drug Delivery System, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(2), 105-119.

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