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Proposed Enhanced Proteins Classification Databases


Kumar, M.

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Proteins are classified according to both sequence and structure. The classes of protein include – Class α, class β, class α/β, and class α+β. Other classes include multi-domain (α and β) proteins and membrane and cell-surface proteins. Protein data bank is used to organize proteins into databases that include – SCOP, FSSP, DALI, Pfam, CATH, and MMDB. Databases promote keyword search, sequence search, navigation, hierarchy classification, and external online links. These databases are not consistent in determining which classes of proteins belong to the same family. Some proteins have been put in the same class despite the fact they have less robust relationship. It is essential for the available classification system to be compared and examine the classes to determine which proteins remain in the same family. In this study, different databases and signature types would be combined (more than 10 databases) in order to produce a powerful protein classification tool that would facilitate accurate prediction of protein function.


Hidden Markov Models, Fingerprints, Phylogenetics, Phylogenomic

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Kumar, M. (2013). Proposed Enhanced Proteins Classification Databases. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(4), 160-163.

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