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Synthesis and Evaluation of Amino Acid Prodrug of Naproxen


Muzumdar, N., Garg, G., Mishra, K., Singh, A.

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Prodrug approach is very effective and helpful in decreasing the problem related with solubility, absorption, distribution, site specificity, instability, toxicity, formulation and bioavailability problem. Literature reveals that many efforts had made to synthesis prodrugs via masking carboxylic acid group by forming ethyl ester, methyl ester, glycolamide ester and amide prodrug using various amino acids. Also attempts were made to develop amide prodrugs of different NSAIDs using amino acid. The advantages of using amino acids for this purpose are owing to their characteristics like normal dietary constituent, non-toxic in moderate doses, healing effect on gastric toxicity, marked anti-inflammatory activity and site specificity. In this background, the present research aims to synthesize the amide prodrug of Naproxen with various amino acids like Glycine, Glutamic acid, Aniline, pralines and Leucine and a study on their various physicochemical characters, anti-inflammatory activity and ulcer index as prodrugs. The main side effects of Naproxen include GIT disturbance, peptic ulceration and gastric bleeding. These gastroenteropathies are generally believed to be resulted from the direct contact effect, which can be attributed to the combination of local irritation produced by the free carboxylic group in the molecular structure and by local blockage of prostaglandin biosynthesis in the GI tract. Therefore, the development of new NSAIDs without these side effects has long been awaited. The use of prodrugs to provisionally hide the acidic group of NSAIDs has been proposed as an approach to reduce or suppress the GI toxicity due to the direct contact effect.


Naproxen, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drug, Prodrug, Amino acid

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Muzumdar, N., Garg, G., Mishra, K., & Singh, A. (2014). Synthesis and Evaluation of Amino Acid Prodrug of Naproxen. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 3(1), 678-683.

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