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Telemedicine: A Review


Bhalani, U. R., Shah, K. V.

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Telemedicine is an upcoming field in health science arising out of the effective fusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with medical science having enormous potential in meeting the challenges of healthcare delivery to rural and remote areas besides several other applications in education, training and management in health sector. Telemedicine technology can bring revolution in the field of medicine. Using a number of high speed satellite and terrestrial telecommunications link, centralization and coordination of resources and support of government, it is possible to reach and access the population spread out in heterogeneous geographical set up and thus achieve the goal of health for all. Telemedicine can potentially improve health care in developing countries through providing the services in rural and difficult to access parts of the country, providing the possibility of concentration of expertise and resources, reduction of costs for both patients and providers of health services in some aspects. However, the acceptance and further development of telemedicine depends on various factors like cost/benefit analysis, types of telemedicine systems and applications that are mostly required in a special country.


Telemedicine, Telepathology, Tele-cardiology, Teleradiology, Telesurgery, Teleophthalmology, Tele-mentoring, Tele-conferencing

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Bhalani, U. R., & Shah, K. V. (2014). Telemedicine: A Review. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 3(3), 214-241.

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