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Use and Abuse of Antibiotics


Selvan, A. T.

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Antibiotics have been contributed enormously to the effectiveness of medical interventions in health and to the life expectancy of human beings. The discovery of safe, systemic antibiotics has been a major factor in the control of infectious diseases and such, has increased life expectancy and the quality of life for millions of people. Many worldwide strains of bacteria’s exhibit resistance to all medically important antibacterial drugs due to the abuse of antibiotics, while human consumption of antibiotics bears primary responsibility for the development of resistance in human pathogens. Indiscriminate and inappropriate use of antibiotics resulted in rapid increase and speed of antimicrobial resistance. The reasons for drug pressure are multi-factorial and involve both human and animal use.


Abuse, antibiotics, resistance, mutation, antibacterial

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Selvan, A. T. (2013). Use and Abuse of Antibiotics. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 2(3), 129-131.

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