Job seekers problem

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Job Seekers Problem

Most of the people are ready to relocate anywhere in search of a good position, salary, post etc. but still there are some difficulties like language problem, money, and traveling distance. That also within the short notice period from the recruiters to attend an interview.

  1. Getting a ticket is a very big problem. It the candidate is a female, additionally, the parents get worried to send her long alone. One more person has to accompany her to attend the interview.
  2. If they did not get the ticket especially to long distance, they should go by flight
  3. They should find good and safety accommodation for the fresh up and food.
  4. No one will be familiar with all the bus routes. So they have to ask many peoples to get their correct way. Even with the route map now a day very difficult to predict the exact location.
  5. Once again the transportation problem to reach the spot of the interview.
  6. After reaching the interview spot, on seeing the big crowd tension will be there. If there is no crowd doubt will arise whether the interview is there or not.
  7. After attending the interview, same problems for coming back.
  8. After that daily tension will be there whether we will get a job or not.
  9. Meanwhile, if we contact also no response will be given from recruiters side.
  10. After spending two or three months without any notification from the recruiter side, once again the job seeker starts to search for another job and follow the same procedure

Reason for writing this article:  Many candidates, especially from the low-income group, is suffering very much because of these interview procedure.  Even if they want to attend interview their economic situations will not let them attend.

The main aim of this article to express the difficulties of the job seekers.  To avoid all these types of problems, that also during this period advanced technology, they can conduct the preliminary rounds through video calls or through Skype.  If they get satisfy with the candidate, they might ask them to come for further discussion.

This solves many problems of the jobs seekers. If the candidates get selected for the post, may not mind spending the money for attending the discussion and checking of certificates. When the candidate is not selected,  they won’t feel bad even there is no further intimation from the HR who plays multiple roles in the organization.

Recruiters can alone able to change the mode of interview,  candidate / job seekers cannot change.

After knowing the difficulties also the recruiters do the same process of interview, it indicates they are not the soft-hearted person. Good humans will not see the sufferings of the others or make others suffer.


Dr. Ammayappan rajam srividya,
JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty, TN.