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A Review: Nanogel Recent Drug Delivery


Verma, S., Akhtar S., Khusboo., Yadav, H.K.

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Nanogel drug delivery has remained as one of the most challenging task for pharmaceutical scientists at this 21st century. From the three decades ocular drug delivery research accelerated advanced towards developing a novel, safe, patient compliance formulation and drug delivery techniques which may suppress these barriers maintain drug level in tissues. Nanogel have shown a great potential for the delivery of large number of drugs to different organs of the body owing to their high biocompatibility, high drug loading capacity, great bioavailability, good permeation capacity and tissue mimicking properties. Due to high water retention capacity, that makes them ideal capable of incorporation of bulky drugs, such as- proteins, peptides,   and macromolecules. All these properties of nanogels make them able to carry number of drugs to vast number. Nanogels have shown potential in many fields including chemotherapy, diagnosis, organ targeting, gene delivery and many others. The main areas of the target for the nanogels include tumors of brain, liver, skin, etc. Other uses of the nanogels are in the diabetes, Inflammation, wound healing, local anesthesia etc. This review concentrates over the targeting potential of nanogels in different organ for various conditions.


Gels, Nanoparticle, Polymers, Control and Sustained Release, Bioavailability

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Verma, S., Akhtar S., Khusboo., Yadav, H. K. (2017). A Review: Nanogel Recent Drug Delivery. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars , 6(1), 129-143.

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